My name is Madeleine and I was born a witch. My mother was a witch and her mother before her. I made my first flower essence when I was about 4 and when I was 7 I was best friends with our massive cherry tree. I began learning about the craft when I was about 16. This is also when I started reading tarot cards. It was been 8 years and I love it more everyday. I’m currently located in the Okanagan Valley and I offer tarot and tea leaf readings as well as level 3 reiki. My boyfriend and I are doing the market circuit. You can view his art at jaridc.wordpress.com


One thought on “About

  1. Hello Madelaine, I am Dell that you met at the market today. I drew the
    Knight card and we chatted a bit.
    I mentioned about my Mystic Tarot book and working through the cards. I
    had been doing that and left the book open at a page … and when I
    picked up the book it was at Knight of Wands … exactly the same card
    Wow, amazing.

    I have a spirit name given to me by an Indian elder, the name is
    Star-Walker, so it seems we are from the the same energy

    Great to meet you and I just had to tell you that story!

    ps I’ve been working on alchemy and wizarding for the last year — a newer energy direction.
    and one more — the email on your card doesnt seem to work, but you probably already knew.

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