The Witch Is In

Remember in story books and fairy-tales there was always a witch who lives out in the woods and she could do all sorts of magical things and no one knew what exactly her skill set was and people who needed help would just wander to her hut with whatever they could spare. A bag of gold, a sturdy goat, a valuable artifact, or just their eternal gratitude.

The witch would open the door of her hut and survey them with a knowing eye before accepting their payment and letting them in.

Well, I always wanted to be that witch.


You may think she is scary but she is an indispensable member of the community! Maybe she lets the rumors of her fierceness run about because they keep her from being used.

If all you have to offer is your gratitude because you are terribly destitute she will still help you, but she needs to put food on her own table as well and if you have wealth to offer but you withhold it then it helps if you are afraid she will find out and turn you into a newt.

On my days off I will now be offering “Consultations with a Witch” for Donation, Trade or for simple gratitude. Bring what you can, get what you need.

I will post the hours that I am available, I will also set out my sandwich board to let passersby know when “The Witch Is In.”




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