Affirming Your Worth

Since we are in a double retrograde right now I’m guessing that many of you are reflecting consciously and intentionally on the past. What can be learned from that? Where do I need closure? What conditioned responses do I need to examine and release?

Or you may have been shoved into the experience of retrograding back to the past by some episode in the present. Either way refocusing on your core personality traits and your divine inner light is a good plan.

Personally the energy of The Tower card came into my life like a derailed train this week and I am working on recovery and healing. One of the ways I have been doing that is with positive affirmations. When I write them down I use the pronoun I. Then when I record them to play back to myself I use the pronoun You. That way I affirm each one twice, when I am writing it I am me but when I am recording it I am a compassionate care giving who is caring for and reassuring me. That way when I listen to them at night as I fall asleep its easier to believe because it seems like it’s coming from someone else making it much easier to take in.

I wouldn’t however recommend you have someone else record them for you as you want to be reaffirming also that you are in charge of your own healing. Recording them in your own voice strengthens the sense of self compassion.

So here are some of the affirmations I wrote for myself. You can feel more than welcome to draw from this list when creating your own recording but also any moment you have a positive thought about yourself go and find your notebook and add it to the list. Written with I recorded with You.

You are facilitating your own healing and you’re doing a great job

You are vibrant light

You are a vivacious person

You are funny and you delight others

You transmute energies

You are worthy of the state of being that is love

You are complete

Your breath is the breath of life

You have inner strength

You are connected to nature

You are safe

You can never be diminished

Your body is beautiful and perfect just as it is, even more so the infinite beauty of your soul

You are a great writer (or whatever thing you love to do, you’re great at that)

You use writing to express your truest self

You are brave

You are worthy

You are whole

You love yourself (Or I love you in your own voice)

You are compassionate

You are loving

You are beautiful inside and out

You are divine

You are infinite

You are immortal


I offer this to anyone who is struggling with this retrograde. May you feel blessed and whole again soon, and live in the vibrant present.


IMG_0435[1]& As Always Blessed Be.





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