The Path to Spring

Ostara Pathworking

Close your eyes and notice your breathing, notice as it slows and becomes deeper and more rhythmic.
As you exhale know that you are releasing any tension and minute stresses from the outside world, those things no longer matter.
Allow your thoughts to slow and the space between them to grow until there are no thoughts, only space.
You have released all tension, all thoughts, all ties to the ego. You have allowed them to roll off you like water.
For now you are pure being.
As you breath now more slowly, you begin to fall inward, allow this. Go deep within yourself.
Each breath takes you deeper, making you more relaxed.
Feel yourself sinking,–sinking so deep into yourself that you feel weightless. So deep that you know you will not be attached to the physical world much longer. You have never felt so relaxed and peaceful.
Now become unaware of your physical shell. For one last moment know that it is a part of you and then let it go. Release it. It is not needed now.
Become unaware of your arms, * become unaware of your torso, * Relax youe neck and shoulders and become unaware of them. Feel them fall away from you like old clothes, and you relax even more * Relax your eyes and throat and then forget them.
Imagine yourself resting on a cloud, fully supported and yet it’s so soft a lovely violet cloud, and very slowly you feel yourself sinking into the softness, through the cloud, now resting on the cloud below a beautiful blue cloud, sinking deeper, so soft, a green cloud… yellow…. orange…. red and through the red cloud you see a grassy clearing and you float softly down into the clearing.
The sun is shining brightly through the scattered clouds above and you see the rainbow that brought you here, and you know that you can return home anytime you wish.
As you become aware of your surroundings you notice a wet marshyness to the grass beneath you and the smell of fresh rain. Looking around you see that you are in a grove encircled by trees. All types of trees, alder, willow, oak, birch and others.
You hear birds chirping and a robin lands on the alder branch next to where you stand.
He chirps again and you realize that you can intuitively understand him.
He says “I need your help. I left my nest to hunt for worms in the rain and when I returned my nest was bare. My mate and our three beautufl eggs are missing! I implore you please help me find them. ”
If you wish to help the robin let him to perch on your hand while you search since the little bird is very weary from flying in search of his family.*
The robin is glad to have a companion in his search and he gratefully perches on your hand. You feel his smooth feet gently grasp your finger.
As you begin to search the robin chirps “This clearing is where I hunt for worms and I’ve searched every puddle and blade of grass, perhaps we should head west toward the trees. ”
You nod and head into the forest, leaving your doubts and concerns behind, you focus on your quest. Sunlight and shadow dapple the path. You move deeper into the forest, it’s so serene, so beautiful, so peaceful… moving deeper and deeper with each swinging stride. sun and shade… sun and shade.. little robin by your side.
You notice a small clearing in partial shade and looking closer you see there are tulips starting to sprout and among them another colour. Not green or brown but blue, robins egg blue!
The robin flies off your finger and lands beside his egg, he hops around excitedly chirping.”We’ve found one at last! The others are sure to be aorund here also” But you realize that this robin cannot carry the egg while you continue to look and you would hate to drop it.^
Seeing that there are tall strong grasses growing nearby you ask the grass to give itself for the making of a basket that you may safely transport the eggs. The grass is happy to help and you harvest a number of blades. You and the robin both give thanks to the grass and you quickly and skillfuly fashion a basket, weaving the grass over itself. You’ve made a beautiful little basket jsut right for three eggs.
You carefully pick up the egg and you notice that it is bumpy and dappled with brown like specs of mud, you sense the perfect little life that sleeps within and you gingerly place it in the grass basket.
Now carrying the basket by the handle you set off in search of the other two eggs.
You’ve only been walking for a few more paces when the robin spots another egg in the mud. You pick it up and place it with it’s sibling in the basket.
The forest is getting shadier now and you’re noticing patches of snow here and there. A cool breeze moves in rustling the leaves.
What’s that there? A patch of snow? No it’s fur, it’s a rabbit! You instictlively become quiet, watching her. You almost didn’t notice her, her camoflauge is very good. She is dappled white and brown, midway through the seaonal change.
You see that her ears are pinned, she is trying to remain hidden. But you are a calm peaceful presence and you mean her no harm. She seems to sense this and begins to relax, turning her gaze on you.
The robin chirps “Have you seen an egg? It’s the blue of a spring sky and spotted with brown like specs of mud.”
The rabbit slowly stands revealing the egg, nestled in snow.
“I worried she would get cold down in the snow, so I laid with her to keep her warm.” The rabbit explains. “Oh my beautiful egg!” exclaims the robin. As you reach down to take the egg your hand brushes against the rabbits amazingly soft fur. You stroke her ears and take the egg, placing it in the basket with the rest. The robin now thanks you and the rabbit with a beautiful song and as he sings a female robin appears.
The two of them fly to the same branch and sings to eachtother with excitement and love. She sees the basket containing the eggs and flys merily around you. You hold up the basket and the robin takes it in his beak and the two fly away back to their nest. Looking down you notice that the rabbit has come right up to you, placing her paw on your foot.
“If you would care to come with me I will introduce you to someone very special. You have already shown that you have a pure and gentle heart. You are deserving of this sacred rite.
With that she turns and hops up the path. You may follow if you wish. *
You have her little cotton tail to guide you through this forest, every once in a while she stops to see if you are still following. You nod to her and she continues on.
You’re on an incline now and the trees are thinning out. You begin to feel the sun on your face again and you notice a hint of honeysuckle on the breeze. The change in your surroundings piques your curiosity and you follow more quickly despite the growing incline.
Soon you come upon a fast moving stream that stretches across the entire path.
“How do we cross?” You ask the rabbit. “We jump of course” she replies and springs across the stream almost without effort thanks to her strong back legs.
The stream is fairly wide but you feel confident that you can make it if you take a running leap. Moving back a few paces you asses the distance. The sound of the running water is clear and calming. You know you can make it. You take a few long strides and leap clear across the stream just like the rabbit.
She hops around you in a circle exclaiming “Look around we are almost there!”
You see more flowers around now, tulips, honeysuckle, snowdrops. Their smell is deliteful and you pause to take it in.
As you walk you notice the ground is getting softer, there’s soft spongy moss and the earth is rich and dark.
You notice large roots growing along each side of the path, they’re wrapped in blooming ivy. As your gaze travels upwards you see pink flowers. They look like apple. or cherry blossoms. You also see purple and white, lilacs.
Their delicate scent fiils your nostrils. You feel both energized & perfectly calm. You see that these flowering trees arch towards one another creating the walls of a magnificent temple. The roots cross in front to make steps with flowers poking between the cracks. The rabbit hops up these steps and you follow, excited to finally have reached your destination.
The rabbit seems totally at home here and you watch as she hops into the arms of a beautiful young woman. Her hair is wrapped in elaborate braids and adorned with flowers. She strokes the rabbit and smiles warmly at you. As you approach, you see that her eyes are the bright green of new leaves.
Her voice is tinkling music as she bids you welcome.
She shifts the rabbit easily to one arm cradling her and takes your hand. ” I am glad you have come, I am Ostara goddess of spring.” Her skin is as smooth as a flower petal and you feel completey at ease in her presence. As she guides you through the awesome temple made entirely of flowering trees and plats, their trunks look just like pillars. You pass a pedestile upon which a gleaming object catches your eye .
You remain comfortable and at ease even as the light begins to fade and you realize that you are entering a deeper place, inside the hill. The mouth of a cave lay before you. Moss is growing around its outer wall and you can see that inside it’s dim but not completely dark.
Ostara jestures toward the cave and says “Enter the womb of earth and you shall find all that you need to fashion yourself anew.”
You trust Ostara, you trust the rabbit and the robin and you feel safe entering the cave even though you don’t know exactly what you’re looking for.
Inside the air is still and warm and smells of earth. You hear the faint sound of water dripping deeper within and your feet very slightly sink into the muddy clay that makes up everything around you.
There is a beam of light, as you move toward it you see that it is sunlight entering through a hole in the roof of the cave. Noticing a bench like protrusion in the wall you sit to reflect on Ostara”s words. Pondering, you wiggle your toes into the clay floor.
A flash of inspiration comes and you realize that you are meant to use the clay. Digging into the wall with your fingers you pull out a chunk of good clay, it’s firm but maleable and you begin working it. As you press and smooth the clay you focus on your best traits, your greatest moments, when you stepped up and impressed even yourself, infusing that into the clay you know intuitively that anything you wish to release will be left in the cave. It is not imbued in the clay that you sculpt and it cannot follow you when you leave. You focus only on your strengths. Your unique and creative mind, the strength of your body, the compassion in your heart, anything and everything you wish.
When you have completed your sculpture you get up and thank the earth before leaving the cave. As you step out of the cave, back into the temple you again smell the flowers and witness their petals arching overhead to create a bright canopy roof. You feel relieved and renewed and utterly grateful for this experience. Ostara appears from a nearby corridor and comes over to greet you.
You are holding your clay creation with both hands and she wraps her hands around yours she observes your sculpture. “You have done well.”She tells you and grasps your shoulders, beaming with love. “Come.” She says and placing her hand on your back she guides you to the pedestal. You place the statue onto it and the still damp clay sticks easily. Ostara picks up the glimmering object you noticed earlier and presses it into your hand. “I have a message, just for you it’s private and sacred.” She leans over and whispers in your ear.
You close your hand around the object and thank her. She nods. You both say the words “Merry Meet, Merry Part and Merry Meet Again. Blessed Be.” and you know that you can return here anytime you wish and if in the future you wish to remould your clay form you may do so, but for now it will stand in that sacred place, that lives ultimtaely within you.
Exiting the temple you see a twilight sky of vibrant azure with pink lined clouds. A warm wind licks your skin as you travel back down the hill. Into the trees as they get denser and denser until you reach the heart and they get thinner and thinner, you see your rainbow cloud bridge as you reenter the clearing.
You approach the vibrant red cloud and begin floating up. You make a note to yourself that you will not forget anything of value that you learned no your journey. All that you experienced will always be a part of you. Floating. up into the orange cloud…up into a yellow cloud…. then the green… up, up to the blue cloud, you begin to remember your physical form, up, into the violet cloud… up, up into the room which you left, you see your physical body, perfectly calm and waiting for you, you float peacefully down into your earthly form.
Begin to wiggle your toes, the tips of your fingers, become aware of your body again. Stretch and move slowly, and when you’re ready open your eyes.
*ring a bell tap a singing bowl or clap*
You are home.
Whatever object you found glimmering on the pedestal is represented by the glass ball you see before you and everytime you hold it, you will remember Ostara’s words that she whispered just for you.
So Mote It Be

Let it be known that Parts of the induction and the close are taken from books. “Ritual Craft” and “Celtic Myth and Magic”


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