Memory and personality and thought and bias are all twists and turns in a maze. You’re essence is the destination and once you touch that place you are transported.

Nothing is as it was, this is Eden, Nirvana, everything is perfect,

but alas this journey is not taken once but again and again.

You may be in Eden and see a rose, and you remember getting roses at your graduation but your father wasn’t there, now you’re lamenting and bam! you’re back in the maze.

This is the fruit, the snake, eve and her temptations but it goes deeper, it goes back further than that to primordial times.

Pre birth, Prehistoric humans, animals, plants


Existing without knowledge, without understanding, pure oneness and instinct.

All being, no knowing, no consciousness.

Cue Eve

Evolution, Knowledge, Questions, Transformation

The snake encourages you to shed your skin and transform, to be willing to grow legs and leave the sea, to explore, to pioneer.

Original sin = Original thought, Original departure from pure being.

This departure brings duality, richness & self awareness.

Knowledge, creativity, consciousness and suffering

the apple is knowledge AND temptation.

We are tempted from being into thinking

Christ cannot cleanse you of this sin by dying and being reborn, he can only set the example.

YOU must die and be reborn again and again until you return to Eden,

with all that you have learned along the way.

Return to the garden with consciousness and enjoy it all the more.

See Eve wasn’t actually a silly woman who was coerced by a snake into making a terrible choice and dragging Adam down with her, she was the catalyst for growth.

That apple is what made us human, without it we’re primates.

With it we struggle and suffer and think, with it we know.

Thanks Eve and Blessed Be.


3 thoughts on “Eden

  1. Eve was naughty 😈 I look Up to Her Wisdom. The surface of Our Earth is Hell, right? And Inside is Eden? The Hollow Underworld of Paradise? Agartha, that’s been “supposedly locked” (Lol) from us since the legendary Atlantis went caput?? Our Planet Earth is a holosphere of multiverses, a timeship cruising the cosmos with 12 Star Gates Inside that lead to zillions of other galaxies in other Light Universes. If we could only somehow get inside…….


    • Actually Mike, I’m more so talking about our whoop mimd entanglement as being “hell” as you say and that being without attachment just being present and witnessing the perfection of our world is heaven. We get little glimpses of it especially if we practice, some called ascendant masters are there always.
      But never the less I’m very flattered that you enjoyed this post and so many others that I write. I really appreciate your support.

      Liked by 1 person

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