Present Obstacles


I was listening to an audio book version of “A New Earth” while mopping the floor today and I realized something.

I saw the shape of the obstacle I have been facing all this time. Well what did it look like?


Nothing except my own mind.

If one has a good genius and is sufficiently artistically skilled they may be able to render an image that resembles this obstacle. Try over at

I however am not so good with the painting and drawing so I will try to sketch it out with words.

i quit my desk job to focus on my career, it was a liberating and empowering experience where I quietly accepted that I was no longer afraid of not having and could therefore have anything.

Most people would not do that and they are more pragmatic than I am.

At first I rode that wave of courage and presence and belief in myself to some fantastic heights.

However I have wavered in my belief and I have faultered in my actions and I had ended up at a place that was technically different than before but essentially the same.

Those same questions return. Ironically the same questions querents ask me when I read for them!

Where am I going? What will I achieve? Is this going to “work out”?

I am constantly being asked to tell the future. My problem was that I moved in amd began living there.

I began to view my present circumstance or “the now” as an obstacle to be overcome so that I could then achieve/have/do this or that.

The present moment always agrees with you, even when you find it to be disagreeable. You think my life isn’t going anywhere! And the universe says okay if you say so.

For example:

I was playing cards with a friend the other night and I’m not especially skilled at cards but I just kept winning. Every time he lost he became more disagreeable, he began to state that he “couldn’t win” and indeed I won several games in a row.

He was telling the universe that he couldn’t win even though he wanted to.

The next time I saw him he asked me to play cards again. I said no thank you, you became very upset last time. But he said that he wanted to work on his frustration with losing. So I agreed, and that time, when he came to the game with a positive attitude and I came with slight reluctance he won several games right at the start.

He still technically didn’t get what he asked for that time because he wanted to lose but his outlook was positive and so the mirror of karma reflected a positive outcome back at him.

So if there is an obstacle in your mind, there will be an obstacle in your path.

Many thanks for reading,

Blessed Be.



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