Strength VIII

The Strength card has a special significance to me for a few reasons.

One I’ve always felt very connected to this card as I developed a lot of inner strength even as a child,

Two I have always called a red lion of fire to my circles when calling the south quarter and I once had a very vivid and memorable dream where you could say I met this animal guide, basically there was a massive male lion in my dream whom I communicated with telepathically and I rode him around and faced all of the challenges I was dealing with at that time. So basically, he and I are tight.

“…If you’re wearing plate mail all the time that’s going to be exhausting and it’s going to make doing lots of fun things impossible”

And Third when I did a reading about 5 years ago after meeting my twin flame I got the strength card and in that reading the imagery was almost literal because he was the first leo I had ever met and he was actually born on an eclipse so he is a double leo. The image was of me holding him and signified that we would have a strong bond. This was after knowing him for literally one day I did this reading and now we’re still together and our bond is indeed strong.

So the type of inner strength that this card points to is often developed by facing hardship and over-coming challenges. Sometimes the strength card is here to tell us that we are wearing armor that we don’t need. That our strength is asking to be softened as the lady softens the lion. It’s a good idea to wear plate mail to war but sometimes we forget to take it off and if you’re wearing plate mail all the time that’s going to be exhausting and it’s going to make doing lots of fun things impossible.

The highest expression of strength is compassion and vulnerability.

Most often when this card appears in a reading for one of my clients it’s just a reminder to them that they are strong. That their inner strength is much greater than the challenge that they face.

If coupled with a challenge card like the Tower, or the five of pentacles it’s there to say, yes this is difficult but you can handle it. You’ve faced tougher challenges than this and prevailed.


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