The Chariot

The Chariot

Ruled by Cancer (cardinal water) is a card of movement. That can be literal, like going on a trip (especially a road trip) or moving to a different place especially if the move is for work. The movement can also be figurative, such as covering a lot of ground on a project and getting a lot done.

The chariot is pulled by one black sphinx and one white. Illustrating that the charioteer is able to direct opposing forces and steer them to work together, and pull him to victory. He is in charge of the animals, he’s in charge of the chariot but he does not share his glory. He alone is the victor and to the victor go the spoils.

Herding cats or sphinxes which are sort of like cats.

This card can indicate a situation with a lot of moving parts or a lot of different people or aspects to organize. You must be like the Charioteer he drives the two or more animals and makes them work together to take him to victory.

If you get in the way of a chariot you will get run over. So sometimes this card indicates one who is very focused on achieving their goal, focus that is verging on ruthlessness with a drive that verges on animal. A kill or be killed mentality that doesn’t leave room for sentimentality or tact.

The Chariot is the Warrior, the gladiator, they are one who never doubts their own capacity for success and fear does not enter into the equation.

Aragorn facing the gates of Mordor with his meager force of men and elves is the Chariot. His speech about “There shall come a day when the strength of men fails, but it is not this day!” Is a perfect tagline for the Chariot. So my nerd aspect is showing a little bit but seriously to connect with the Chariot card engage in something that makes you feel victorious. Go on a difficult hike and celebrate at the summit. Challenge yourself and when you succeed give yourself a reward.

Ambition, victory, success, covering a lot of ground and getting things done.



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