The Emperor

The Emperor- Divine Masculine, a King who is well loved by his subjects for his wise and effective leadership. Not concerning one’s self with the opinions of others whether they offer criticism or praise. Father of the world, he offers guidance and good council. There are four other kings in the deck but the Emperor rules over them all. Imagine that the Emperor has four sons and has assigned each of them to watch over one element. They all still defer to him. This card may represent your own father, or the father of the querent. Or simply a father figure or a boss, a person who can command a room.  It may appear to encourage you to seek the council of a father figure or it may be heralding your own rise to power.

Eg. a promotion at work

The crown weighs heavy on the head and a throne is not a comfy seat.

Being a good leader means not only taking responsibility for what you do but also accepting responsibility for the outcome of the actions taken by the people whom you are leading.

He can remind us to be more decisive and confident.

Aries – Most of you will know that Aries is ruled by Mars and he is the god of war. So some aspects are obvious and apply to our Emperor like he is courageous , he never backs down from a fight, he is confident but another important aspect is that he is honest. If you need honest advice Go to the Emperor, if you want someone to sugar coat everything and tell you happy little lies ask somebody else.

The ankh – Pharaohs, ever-lasting life. They wanted to be immortalized by having huge statues of themselves built. But a good leader can leave a legacy that is shown in the success of his employees, the happiness and bounty of his family.


Beard – He is old and therefore wise but he is not so old that his mind or body are fading. He is at the prime age for a ruler. He has experience.

Mountains – Someone had to climb to the top of the mountain and build this throne. Maybe it was this Emperor or maybe it was his father or his father’s father but that climb is part of the story somewhere.

4 – four is the number of a strong foundation. It’s strength comes from all sides being equal and balanced. So while the Emperor is in charge when he is at his best he does not hold himself above his subjects. His shape is not a pyramid but a square.


Orb – The orb was an emblem of royal power similar to the ankh. But used by the Roman Emperors to illustrate their supposed connection with the divine. We know that Roman Emperors were pretty much jerks who sacrificed their people to gain more and more power but we can spin this and learn from it. For if a person is aware of their own divinity then their leadership will be measured and free of greed or wanting. And if a person recognizes that they are one with all others then they will surely become a steward of their world and do all that they can to serve and assist those around them.

How to align yourself with the Emperor…

If you have a good relationship with your father or a father figure go and see them. Talk about life and see what kind of wisdom they have to share. Listen to their stories about becoming a father, climbing the corporate ladder or building their business. Dear old dad probably has some solid advice for you. Alternatively if you do not have a relationship with your father then simply ask yourself what kind of a father you would want to be. (Regardless of your gender just imagine that you are the father)

Make a list of the traits of a good leader/father and do your best to embody those traits. Call up your younger sibling, your kids or anyone else you look out for and see how they’re doing.


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