The Empress

The Empress is number 3 and that’s an interesting correlation to the triple goddess. The Empress is the embodiment of the Mother.

She is the second female archetype in the major arcana and she is a very different version of feminine from The Priestess. The Empress is in a relationship with the Emperor they are parental figures and use their bodies together to create life.

Her power is in creating physical beings. She is the mother of all, creating all of the things that we need, from food to timber

There is a shield next to her throne with the female symbol. And the female symbol has a plus sign at the end, and that is not to be over looked because the Empress comes into the life of a person and creates more bounty for them. If they are pure of heart and open to accept that abundance and that bounty, forth it shall come to them. So if you’re querent is asking about money or their job you can give them good news.

She can also foretell motherhood or pregnancy.

So manifesting abundance, the empress comes up in a reading and you know that there is an opportunity to manifest abundance coming. So how do you do that?

Well, the key to manifesting abundance is to start first with gratitude .If you express your gratitude for whatever it is that you do have then more of that will come to you.

If you focus on not having enough you will manifest more of not having enough.

No matter what you have be grateful for it. Even if you have to eat Kraft Diner for dinner, while you’re making it just be grateful that you have it.

If you’re interested in doing a spell for gratitude and abundance go here.

To connect with the Empress – grow things, garden, go hug a tree, take off your shoes and walk barefoot on the earth.

Everything that we have has been given to us by the earth so you can take a piece of fruit and just hold it and feel the energy of it. Fruit are the sex organs of plants so they are perfect for connecting with the energy of the Empress. Pomegranates are especially great. Once you hold the pomegranate sense its energy without naming, and then smell it, crack it open and drown in the beauty of the bright red seeds. Touch them, taste them and just be fully present and observe the experience of using the life force of that fruit to further your own life force and of course say thank you.


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