The Priestess

The Priestess is the feminine aspects of the Magician.

The Magician manifests and the Priestess looks, listens and interprets, she offers her body and soul as a conduit for the divine.

The Priestess is number 2 and that’s quite fitting as she is all about duality. The Rider Waite card focuses heavily on symbolizing duality. Her crown, (The crown of Isis) holds similarities to the triple goddess symbol and the solar cross on her chest: duality of night and day. In the background pomegranates and corn: masculine and feminine. The pillars of black and white obviously sum up the aforementioned duality with light and dark.

There are some references to Christianity and Judaism in this card and throughout the Rider Waite deck. The pillars are marked B and J in reference to large brass or copper or bronze pillars that once stood in front of Solomon’s Temple. Variations on the true meaning of those letters and their significance vary quite widely so I’m not going to go into it but if you’re feeling scholarly go ahead and search it up.

She is also holding the Torah; it is partially revealed and partially hidden. This is meant to indicate that she is able to reveal profound truths that are usually hidden to earthly people. She is the intermediary for the ultimate intelligence.

The moon sits at her feet and her blue robes fall over it like water. The moon reveals what is hidden by darkness much like a tarot reader shines the light of knowledge on the usually unseen future. As psychic readers we already embody the Priestess.

It’s interesting that she wears a veil since seeing the future or hidden aspects of the past and present is often referred to as peering beyond the veil.

Intuition and prophetic dreams

To better connect with your subconscious mind start a dream journal and listen to the whispered voice of your intuition and the voice will grow in strength and clarity.

Trust your inner voice and embrace the balance of masculine and feminine.

Be still and known you are divine.

She is The Oracle aspect of feminine whereas the Empress is the animus of life.

The Priestess is in the mind (intuitive) and the spirit whereas the Empress is in the heart and the body.


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