New Years

As a psychic I get rather busy during the weird week between Christmas and New Years. Most folks are on holidays, the family gatherings are over and it’s cold outside. Does this make some people feel nuts because they run over and over the conversations they had with their aunt about how they didn’t finish college? Does it make others wonder “Where is this relationship going? I brought him to meet my parents but I didn’t meet his.” or “Uhg only 2 more days until I’m back to work, well it’s been nice being a person for a few weeks how can I face that desk and my boss in the New Year?”

Well lovelies, enter freely and be unafraid. 😉 That’s actually from a comic about a wood nymph turned fortune teller that I’m in love with. (Madame Xanadu). But it applies here.

I will peek beyond the veil on your behalf and return with the answers to your queries. Come see me in person and I will make you tea and read your palm and we’ll be friends!  If you’re not Calgary we can still be friends over Skype!

Until such a time as we meet face to face, here is some general advice from Osho that my husband and I have found very profound and perfect for the New Year.

“Don’t call it uncertainty—call it wonder. Don’t call it insecurity—call it freedom.”‘s

And always remember if you can dream it you can do it! I know that sounds like a high school English class poster but it’s true. Thoughts become things.

Merry Meet, Merry Part & Merry Meet Again,

in the New Year.

Blessed Be.


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