The Value of Waiting and “Boredom”

Every time you feel bored you are being given an opportunity. In fact you are being given an opportunity any time you feel anything and that opportunity is to observe that feeling.

Lets talk about boredom for now. If you feel bored you are probably waiting for something in a queue or waiting for someone to arrive or for some event to start. Boredom is mildly frustrating, it’s uncomfortable. It makes you fidgety and anxious, your incrustation may even morph into anger.

All of these things are very interesting to observe and the more intense your feeling of boredom becomes, and the closer you get to anger, the easier it is to punch through the veil of illusion that has been delicately created by your thoughts.

The fact is that if you were not thinking, you wouldn’t feel bored. You might not feel anything really but you would likely feel joy.

So, how to go from boredom to joy?

Notice your boredom, notice the thought “I am so bored.” and the exaggerated despair that goes with it because really boredom is one of the most ridiculous things that we humans can feel.

The value of being in a situation where you feel bored is that you are being given a period in time where you don’t have to do or think about anything.

If you are waiting in a line up notice that this is free time for you to rest your weary mind and simply be. Simply perceive your surroundings. I often find my surroundings when there are people near by to be endlessly interesting and amusing and if there are not people near by that’s a slightly different energy but it’s still worth experiencing. The present moment is always fulfilling.

A practical we could say trick to switching from boredom and thoughts to presence and sensory experience is to focus on light. The way that light interacts with the world is endlessly fascinating. Right now I am using a U.S.B. lamp to light my keyboard and I can enjoy the way it makes the h,n and b keys to bright and shiny to see. It’s beautiful, reflecting off the plastic that has the oil from my finger tips on it creating that sheen.

Now I am naming that play of light for the purpose of illustrating it for you but you do not need to name it when you are taking advantage of boredom and observing it.

Peel away the blindfold of thought and observe the beautiful light within your boredom.

Blessed Be.




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