Gratitude = Abundance: A Spell

“Acknowledging the good that you already have in your life is the foundation for all abundance.”

Eckhart Tolle, A New Earth: Awakening to Your Life’s Purpose

These are instructions on how to prepare and work your own spell for abundance using the energy of gratitude. Aspects of this spell include sigils, meditation, colour magic and crystal magic.

When you begin setting up your altar, do so in a meditative manner. each coin and crystal should be placed with great reverence stemming from gratitude for that object..Once you have completed the altar set up take a moment to observe it. The beauty of it will help align you with your intention and please the younger self making focused attention easier to achieve. 

I don’t mind if you tweak this spell when you perform it or even if you change it completely and only use the concept. It is tailored to my life and previous manifestation spells. For example the leaf you see below was one I picked up on a rare trip outside during a work day when I still worked in an office. There were no windows in that office and that’s a sure fire way to wilt a green witch. So when I could escape to the outdoors I was very grateful and would often bring flowers or in this case a leaf back inside with me. 


The meaning of the sigil I inscribed on it is. “Every moment everyday, life gets better, every way.” and that was pretty darn effective. I no longer work in that office making barely enough/hr I work for myself and my earning potential is basically unlimited. 

What I’m trying to say is if you have worked another spell previously for abundance or gratitude string it together with this one. Use the phases of the moon, the seasons or just by the cycles of your own life. I did this spell during the waxing crescent of the Taurus super moon. 

Predominant colours, Gold & Green.


Besom or other cleansing tool eg. smudge, incense, aspergillum, singing bowl ect.

Chalice or other vessel eg. cauldron.

Athame or if you’re me your husbands pocket knife.

Money or a representation of money like a cheque or bank statement (ideally this is money that you have earned at your chosen or ideal profession).

A representation of how you earned or plan to earn further money. I placed my tarot cards and grimoire under the altar table so they would be a part of the spell but not get in the way.


Basil & Bay or whatever herbs you life, those two are my go-to money herbs, especially bay.

A pheasant feather, this is a feather that I was drawn to and that the main reason I used it but thinking about it, pheasants are game birds and would have meant both livelihood and an abundant dinner for many folks.

Crystals – citrine, goldstone, sunstone & jade are all great ones but use whatever you are drawn to. I sometimes set my intention then walk into the crystal shop and grab the first one I’m drawn to.

A writing implement, I used a calligraphy brush and ink since we’re working with sigils, an angle tip sharpie would also work. Bonus points if you have a gold sharpie.

Paper, I used my grimoire, parchment would also be good but regular paper would be fine.

An acorn or other seed

A leaf, ideally one that is large enough to sit on top of your vessel as seen in the picture. 

Your old manifestation list or other elements of previous abundance spells. My old manifestation list is the white paper wrapped with the green ribbon that you see next to the money. 

A candle, green or gold. The green shell of a candle seen below was used in an abundance spell  5+ years ago.


Cleanse your ritual space, it’s important to not drag any doubtful or judgmental energy into the space, so cleanse yourself while you’re at it. 😉

Set up your altar. Arrange your crystals in a spiral coming from the candle in the center. If you don’t have enough crystals to make a nice spiral add in some coins. 

When calling the quarters, place your focus in the North, the element of earth where from all fertility and abundance doth spring. I set up my altar facing the North for example.

Place the seed and some of the herbs in the vessel. Inscribe the “every moment everyday life gets better every way” sigil on the leaf and place it on top.

Place your vessel on the left, your athame on the right and call which ever incarnation of the deities you like. For this spell I didn’t focus on a particular god or goddess, I simply invited the divine feminine and the divine masculine. Make sure to express (emotionally or with words) a deep gratitude to the spirits for joining you. 

Now the work, light the candle and meditate until your mind is free from thought. After all what is better at receiving than an empty vessel?


Look at your abundance, (money cheque ect) touch it and let the energy of gratitude fill your body. If you are using dried crushed basil then sprinkle it on the money if you’re using fresh basil and whole bay leaves then simply place them on top of the money and the same with the feather. Hold your hands just above it allowing the energy of gratitude to flow out of you and into the world. Remember your gratitude is infinite and can never run out. The same can become true of your abundance.

If you are incorporating an old manifestation list, open it up and give thanks for anything from that list that you have already received.

Draw the Gratitude Sigil


Now focus on the further abundance that you shall manifest. Remember to think of your desires as a sure thing, not an unlikely although lovely possibility. You have to believe that the situation you imagine already exists. It is already yours. Give thanks for it. Thank you so much for my beautiful home and my healthy family, thank you so sincerely for my novel being published, ect. 

Instead of asking, we’re going straight to thanking because that’s how sure we are that this will manifest.That’s how sure you need to be.

Draw the Abundance Sigil


Take the chalice in your left hand, your athame in your right and plunge the athame through the leaf and into the chalice. At this point you can say “As I will it, So Mote it Be.”  img_0209

Thank the spirits again as you bid them farewell. Close the circle and walk North until you reach a suitable place to plant your seed. Bring the vessel with you and plant the seed with the leaf and the herbs.

Good luck with this spell. I believe in you.

Blessed Be.





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