Drawing Down the Moon

Some years ago now, I decided to draw down the moon. I was alone, a solitary practitioner with only my own studying and self dedication as training. I became curious about witchcraft in my early teens and after dipping my toe into the available information on the subject I dedicated myself to my year and a day of study. I performed that dedication by laying in a field and talking to the moon.

As a child my mother told me, see that moon? That’s your sister, Luna. So I grew up with a very close connection to lunar energy. It seemed natural to speak to that celestial body when I made my promise to never stop learning and to harm none, to share my knowledge and skill whenever and wherever it was needed and to respect and honor nature.

That was a pretty fast and loose style of initiation or self dedication and it did, in a way, set that tone for the rest of my work to come.

That’s not to say that there was a lack of reverence or dedication, but just that I tended to follow my intuition before I followed rules or tradition. While drawing down the moon is usually regarded as a highly ritualized and precise undertaking that can only be performed by the high priestess, with or without the help of the high priest I tried it myself and I succeeded. At that time I had no coven, no priestess, it was just me. but I didn’t see why that should stop me from connecting with my sister Luna.

I went to the basement where I drew my white chalk circle right on the concrete floor as usual. I cast a simple circle in my usual way and called the quarters the way I normally would. I had a very basic alter set up with just a black cloth an incense burner, some crystals, three candles and my small brass cauldron.

In a very deep state of meditation, eliminating all thoughts and connections to the physical plain, I became mostly space, a vessel, just like the cauldron. 800px-fullmoonhauknes

Then I began to visualize the moon, I saw her silver beauty, her goddess essence and all differentiation between the two of us dissipated. I reached for the cauldron and held it aloft to allow a connection to the lunar body, then I drew the cauldron to my womb and I felt the connection. Quietly it came, gradually but it did not take long. My cheeks were streaked with tears of gratitude as I saw with my minds eye the silver cord connecting my womanhood to the moon herself. I didn’t go into that ritual with a specific lunar deity in mind but when the goddess came before me she was all in black with long dark hair and I knew her to be Hecate.

She communicated with me through this psychic connection and I will never forget it. I’ve never felt so open and vulnerable though still safe before or since. I realized then that a goddess is different than a person. She didn’t care if I wanted to honor or revere her. She needed no such reassurance of her power. She was direct and helpful but not overly benevolent or emotional.

I can’t relay that conversation here. More impressions and feelings than it was sentences, I think that dark wisdom is something that must be sought out rather than simply delivered. But I do remember she told me very clearly –

I am always with you.

As though she was saying you don’t really need to do this whole ritual to talk to me although it’s very nice.

It was an incredibly moving experience that I wouldn’t trade for anything. It definitely wasn’t what I had expected.

So to any of you who are curious about drawing down the moon but have no coven and no priestess I say let your intuition be your guide. If you are interested in a layout of a solitary drawing down the moon ritual just leave a comment and I will create one for next month!

Love and Moonlight

Blessed Be.


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