I’m very grateful for all the women in my life and we need to come together now more than ever and share our peaceful strength with each other and with the world. My circle of friends has more women in it than ever before and we are each a different embodiment of the goddess.

Kalyn just had her baby and she has always been an earth goddess and she’s an herbalist. She uses the earths bounty to bring wellness to the people around her. Gaia.


Michelle is a powerful healer as well, but she heals with her touch. She has zero interest in denying her power for the sake of a lover. Yet her beauty and confidence draw many admirers. She embodies the virgin goddess, Virgin meaning a woman who is complete unto herself and never marries. Artemis.


Trista is quiet and her beauty is dark and mysterious, her knowledge and wisdom run deep and her appreciation for the strange and macabre makes her a natural guardian of the dead. A peaceful and knowing guardian. Hecate. 


I even have a sister in law now, her name is Kayley but it could easily be Kali. She is a strong warrior personality with a Chariot soul card. She’s driven and ambitious and she’s not afraid to say exactly what she means. She will cut you-with her words if you’re foolish enough to cross her.


There’s one sister who has been with me since we were children and she is my oldest friend. Heather has a seemingly endless supply of compassion and advice. She is the teacher and keeper of children, believer in love and kindness and she embodies Quan Yin


So I’ve covered goddesses from China to Ireland and from India to Greece. Women of war and compassionate healers.
Which embodiment are you?



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