Jack -o- Lantern

Gourds or even turnips and rutabagas have been getting carved around All Hallows for thousands of years. In fact the Maori word for gourd is the same as the word for lantern! 

The jury still seems to be out on whether these carved lanterns were placed outside to scare spirits away or to help guide them to come for a visit! Like leaving the porch light on when you have company coming.

I carved a pumpkin because it’s just so much easier and more orange than turnips haha! I chose the design of a little ghost. My intention? Friendly spirits are welcome and will be offered candy, grouchy spirits stay away of feel the wrath of my sage. 


You guys, I almost forgot to mention stingy jack. Well there’s quite a bit of information about him on the online here, but basically the Christians in Ireland made up a story involving the devil to explain this pagan tradition. Surprise! lol not. 

Happy Halloween! ❤


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