Autumn means Adventure

Better than Easter, better than Christmas…. Halloween. 


I remember being a kid in the fall and riding my bike through the fallen leaves. They would jump up off the sidewalk and dance as I raced by. I could go anywhere, explore, experience, adventure.

So I guess for adults Halloween means  nostalgia but for kids (I hope) it still means adventure. Trick or Treating was a rare opportunity to play dress up, run around with your friends, bothering all the neighbors, at night and eat tons of candy! A chance to get a little scared and realize that you’re braver than you thought.

We carved a pumpkin today and my partner said the smell reminded him of watching the world series and carving a pumpkin when he was twelve. For me, the ultimate Halloween  nostalgia is watching “The Halloween Tree” which is an animated movie based on the children’s book by Ray Bradbury.



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