Resistance vs Allowing

As a species we have a seemingly endless supply of stories about good vs evil.

We talk about having to deal with negative people or of trying to be a positive person. and while that is a good place to start, it ultimately is just another part of the illusion.




you have a choice.

You choose resistance or you choose acceptance and presence.

Many people constantly chose resistance without even realizing it by engaging in the endless stream of thinking instead of realizing the moment that is actually happening. When the present moment is noticeably “bad” and your resistance to it is greater, that is an opportunity to notice this resistance within yourself. For example if you feel very lonely you may notice that you always have to be looking at your screen and engaging in some kind of¬†distraction. This is denial of the present moment and is no way to live.


Instead of resisting your emotions allow them, allow yourself to feel through whatever it is.and once you can identify it you can say to yourself. “I am feeling lonely and that is okay.”

You will find that when your resistance to the emotion is replaced with acceptance of it, some or all of the suffering that it caused you is gone. That is a great step to living a joyful enlightened existence.

Blessed be.




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