Dumb Supper


I have always found the idea of inviting the dead to supper to be very intriguing. But of course one doesn’t want to invite just any wayward spirits who happens to be roaming past. We light a candle for them (or a jack-o-lantern) but we don’t adopt them.

A “dumb supper” is for departed loved one and for the longest time I was lucky enough to not have any departed loved ones to invite to supper on Halloween night. A few years ago my Guido (that’s Ukrainian for Grandfather) did pass and I did consider cooking up some perogies for him but when I began thinking about it I decided that he seemed like the sort of spirit who would consider that sort of thing a nuisance. He’s surely be sleeping through this whole hoopla of Halloween and when all the other spirits were running around eating candy and getting lost and freaking people out he would be enjoying some much deserved rest. So I have never had a dumb supper even though I am a hereditary witch who adores Samhain.

Instead of a tradition dumb supper I held ceremonies to honor my departed ancestors and soul brothers and sisters. All the witches who suffered at the hands of the ignorant and the fearful.

How do you celebrate the dead on Samhain?


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