Fear of the Dark


When the night outside your window is dark you can see your reflection, as long as there is some light inside.

Is this why fear of the dark is so pervasive? I know that fear is instinctual to some extent since we can’t see if there is something or someone near by waiting to pounce but I think it’s deeper than that.

When there’s nothing to distract us we are left alone with our minds and depending on the mind that can be the most frightening scenario of all. The expression “He’s afraid of his own shadow.” becomes interesting when you think of that shadow as being the shadow self. In the darkness, in the back closets of our minds, that is where we keep our darkest secrets, worst memories and our deepest fears.

If you ever want your mind to have good chi you need to clean out that closet. It’s going to be dusty and the hinges on the door will probably screech in rusty protest but the work needs to be done.

This type of work is likely to be the scariest thing you ever do and that’s exactly why it’s important. It’s worth doing because it’s hard and it’s worth it because it’s scary as fuck. You are the hero of your own story, so put on that armor, wrap your fingers around the hilt of your blade and face that fucking closet dragon!

If you can get past that fear, muster your bravery and believe in your strength then you will realize that all that lives in that closet is a bunch of dusty old junk. A cracked picture of a long lost lover, dust coated diaries and tattered baby shoes. These things can’t hurt you, they have no power. You are the power, you are the source of light that shines into that place.

Here’s a good resource on how to do shadow work:


This video inspires the shit out of me and always makes me feel brave

I believe in you. ❤

Blessed Be.



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