Green Witch but.. not like that

So this post is being written waaay too late at night but I am resolved to stick to my promise of posting everyday for 13 days leading up to Halloween. SO here I am and I’m going to talk about the green witch image that is really the main image of witches seen by most people during Halloween. I actually do consider myself to be a green witch but I certainly don’t have green skin or an unusually large nose covered in warts. I worship nature and I look like a human.

I think that these types of decorations are a little insulting.

40568Witches often dedicate themselves to garnering knowledge and applying that knowledge for the benefit of others, many of us study natural medicine, energy healing or divination. Others might focus on protecting the environment and the preservation of endangered species etc.

My point is I’m a green witch but not literally and I know that some people dress up as a silly pope on Halloween and some people are offended and some people laugh but with Wicca or any variation on the old ways and pagan religions this is our holiday.

This crashed witch is like making fun of Jesus on Easter or Christmas, and normally I would say they are poking fun because they are really afraid and in some cases that may very well be true but I think most of the time it;s imply that people see no reason why that isn’t just a “cute” Halloween decoration.

I’m here to announce for all of us that I’m a witch who’s skin is not green and I have never crashed my broomstick.

So if you wouldn’t wear a “sexy geisha costume” because it’s cultural appropriation then check yourself before you put up that green witch.

Happy Halloween and try not to be a dick,




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