Let your demons become your teachers.demon_portrait_by_kypcaht-d5b3hm9

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Demons are scary, or at least the idea of demons is a scary one. A spirit that has been corrupted to malevolence and lives only to cause suffering. That doesn’t sound like the kind of being you’d invite to the ball game, and yet many of us use expressions like, “I have demons”

One of my favorite songs of all time (Josefin by First Aid Kit) mentions having demons that you have to fight several times and I always felt that it sounded like those Swedish songstresses had written it just for me.

So why do we talk about having our own demons? I think we are referring to the darkest aspects of our psyche. Often times this will be in part, a memory but by the time it becomes a “demon” it’s probably not very accurate anymore and it’s more about how the event or events we are remembering have changed us. Our demons are always lurking, subtly changing the way we behave in relationships or causing us to react violently to specific instances.

We become “possessed” by the ego when that certain cord is struck, perhaps that is why we call them “our demons”. Whether it is a memory of one specific traumatic event or several memories of ongoing abuse, a wall of resistance is created in us.

When our demons come by that wall snaps into place and we resist them with all our might, even if they brought guacamole. It’s because we remember that person or type of situation being bad, and by bad I mean any variety of negative emotions, embarrassment, fear, violation ect: but in fact just like in the horror movies those demons have no power over us unless we give them that power.

We think that our only defense against our demons is the wall of resistance however, if we can find the courage to face the demon and forego the reactionary resistance, we have the power. So if you have that one thing (and if you have more than one pick the most pervasive one) that you just can’t stand to allow then you have found your greatest teacher.

Your mother is drunk again and talking to all your friends while spilling wine on them? Ah, the demon is here and has brought a lesson for you. Look at him and allow him to be as he is. Witness the moment without engaging in it mentally and say to yourself, this is, what is. Once you accept the moment and feel okay with it, you have gained power over your demons.

“The power of Christ compels you” But actually, not the way the priest in the exorcist meant but Jesus was a master of acceptance, even while being nailed to the cross he went through some resistance but eventually asked his torturers to be forgiven. So if you can channel that level of acceptance in the face of your demons then you can go beyond, and you can shine the light of universal love on those demons and you will see that they disappear because their work is now done.

The gift that a demon offers you is not actually guacamole, it is the key to a much deeper place of spiritual presence and a lightness in your being.

I would love to talk with any readers about their demons if you’d be brave enough to share. I hope this post was helpful and if so, please share.

I will be at Godrick’s Hollow – All Hallows Eve in the East Village October 29-30 doing readings.

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Love ya kiddies,

Blessed Be.


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