Once upon a time it was a dark and stormy night…..just kidding. But it actually was one of the coldest winters I’ve ever had the discomfort of enduring. I was living in a neighborhood that was sort of suburban in that it wasn’t downtown but it wasn’t a bunch of identical brand new houses either. This was a neighborhood of aging bungalows and families who’s kids had moved out, the streets where quiet.

I was renting the basement of one of these bungalows from an oil field roughneck so he was almost never there. I had no separate entrance or kitchen so whenever he was away I spent most of my time upstairs except when I was sleeping. As far as I was concerned the situation was alright, this was the first place I’d moved out to and I was satisfied though I definitely avoided my housemate at all costs during the weeks he was home. I started to hear whispers from friends that he was involved with the Hell’s Angels and that he used to throw a lot of raging parties with people from those circles. I had never had any bikers drop by so I just counted that as one more reason so avoid him.

It turns out, it wasn’t the living bikers I had to worry about. The first thing was the picture. He had this cheap canvas stretched print of a tiger hanging right next to the front door and that damn thing never would hang straight. I’d straighten it and the next time I looked it would be crooked again. I found this to be annoying but it did not yet occur to me that it might be supernatural.

Since I did share this house with a man I always closed the door to my bedroom and to the bathroom, even when no one was home and even when I knew he wouldn’t be back for weeks. One day I had gotten out of the shower, dried off and wrapped my hair up in the towel/ So I was naked except for my hair towel and I was applying moisturizer when I heard a very distinct creek. That was definitely the sound of someone stepping on that old wooded floor.

I told myself not to freak out it might just be my housemate and he came in when I was in the shower and I didn’t hear him. But my rational mind could not convince my senses. Another creek just as close if not closer, brought on a different genuine fear that it was him and he was about to walk in on me. I took a silent step away from the door and crossed my arms over my chest and to my horror the door began to open in a slow and steady motion as if someone were pushing it. There was no physical being there, it was just the room and that stupid tiger print, but I could feel a presence there and the spark of fear in me was fanned by the feeling of violation.

I pushing the door closed again, got dressed and went straight downstairs. The basement was basically three rooms, a small living room with just a couch and a t.v, another bathroom and my bedroom. So I planted myself on that couch and turned on the t.v. I had laundry to do but I was definitely not going to go into the creepy laundry room after what just happen even if literally all of my clothes were in the hamper.

I don’t know if I thought I was hiding, or just seeking distraction, but after a while I heard a very odd sound. It was sort of a tinkling sound, like metal objects gently bumping against each other. For a moment I thought I could ignore it but I was wrong, it was just too weird. What in my bedroom could be making that sound?

I turned off the t.v and I could hear it even more clearly. I was starting to think there might actually be someone else in the house, someone who had come in while I was in the shower and was now in my bedroom ringing some kind of creepy bell? My fear of an intruder fueled me and I tip-toed over to the open door and jumped into the room hoping to surprise them, but again the room was empty but still that sound! What the hell is going…

I turned toward the source of the sound, it was my closet, which had no doors and because of my laziness no clothes hanging in it but it had hangers, metal hangers that were moving…..on their own.

There was no draft as the one tiny basement window had not been opened since I lived there. Hangers were just swinging on the rod in different directions and at different speeds bumping into each other to create that creepy tinkling music.

This was impossible and yet it was happening. I went over to the closet and tried to feel some kind of air current that could be causing that but there was none. I stopped the hangers from moving and just stared at them as one stubborn hanger continued to swing. I went back to the couch, curled into a ball and called my mom.

“Tough tittie this was your choice now deal with it.”

Needless to say I slept on the couch that night and everyday I had to live there after that was unsettling. I was constantly looking behind me and I had stopped straightening that picture. I was just hoping to save up a new damage deposit and move out, it seemed like my only option. So I kept going to work as usual but a few days later everything changed.

I unlocked the front door and as soon as I stepped inside, before peeling off my layers or even taking off my boots I realized something was wrong. The tiger picture was on the floor and as I turned toward the living room I saw that the big screen had been pushed away from the wall. The owner of the house usually had half a dozen model motorcycles lined up in front of that t.v and they were scattered across the floor. Everything looked like it had been moved.

I assumed of course that someone had broken in. I locked the door behind me before realizing that there was a gold watch sitting on the small table right next to the door and there was also a stash of cash right in the drawer. Nothing was missing.

Oddly enough this didn’t scare me, it fired me up. I thought alright you want my attention? You got it! Here I am! What do you want?!

How was I expecting this presence to answer me? I am a witch after all so I decided I could figure something out. Not a ouija board though, no thank you.

I turned to my trusty tarot cards, surely they would help me figure out how to commune with my invisible roommate. Instead of reading for myself I got the idea to treat this menacing presence as though it were the querent.

I pulled three cards,

The Tower – cataclysmic event causing unavoidable change

The Four of Pentacles – holding on to material possessions

The Five of Cups – loss and moving on

So I addressed my unwelcome roommate and explained to him that he was dead, and that I understood that must be a rather difficult situation and  I told him that I was sorry he had died so suddenly. I began to get a sense that this spirit was of a fairly young man who had died in some sort of an accident or by manslaughter. I tried to empathize with the desire to keep all of your physical things, your house for example and hold on them in defiance of your death. But those objects were of no use to him now.  I told him that if he were to move on then his pain would end and a new beginning was awaiting him.

Once I finished the reading the energy in that house shifted instantly and I felt like I had done something good.

Later I found out about a rumor that someone had died there, at one of those parties and there was a blood stain on the ceiling of my bedroom that I had never noticed.


This has been the first post of thirteen leading up to my favorite holiday. If you enjoyed it please share it with your circle and if you have a spooky story that you’re dying to tell post it in the comments! Getting excited for Halloween? Share your pictures on instagram with the hashtag #13postsofhalloween

And best of all don’t forget to visit me at Godrick’s Hollow – Hallows Eve in the Village!

I will be offering tarot readings to the living and maybe even the dead 😉

Merry meet, merry part and merry meet again.


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