13 posts of Halloween

Hello my pretties,

As you have surely noticed Samhain is just around the bend and I think it’s a fair time for a challenge. I’m going to post every day leading up to the witch’s new year something related to this special and misunderstood holiday and I encourage you to share your stories of Halloweens gone by. The first official post of my 13 posts of halloween will be up tomorrow and it will be a true ghost story that I myself experienced.

.I will cover 13 topics over the next two weeks about things that we fear and resist and the many facets of this magical day. If you’ve ever wondered what can the skeleton in my closet do for me? Then you’re in the right place and I encourage you to share your stories with me in the comments section. I’m just dying to hear them. 😉

Best of all I will be live and in person October 29th and 30th at Hallows Eve in the Village. So if you will be in the Calgary area on Halloween weekend come by and witness the transformation of an inner city neighborhood to Godrick’s Hollow! The spooky graveyard from Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows! Well I can’t hide it anymore, I’m a Potterhead it’s true and I will be in costume offering tarot readings as Professor Trelawny.


If you’re in love with Halloween then join me on instagram and share a photo of your exciting lead up to Halloween with the hashtag #13postsofhalloween . Putting up decorations? Post it! Making cookies in the shape of ghosts and fingers? Post it! Setting up your table for a dumb supper? Post that beautiful snapshot!


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