Daily Prompt: Trust

via Daily Prompt: Trust
Trust in the intelligence of the universe. 

I don’t usually post on the fly but this weeks daily prompt is special, for this very morning I decided to trust myself and the universe completely. I have been working an exceptionally dull office job for the past 6 months and there were times when i enjoyed it and there were times when I couldn’t stand it. What I discovered is that those two extremes are each part of the illusion.

Only when I deeply accepted the situation as it was did I find the courage to transcend it.

Trust that the present moment is the right for you just as it is regardless of what form it takes. When faced with a decision, trust that whichever choice you make will bring you to the next lesson or opportunity that you need.

When we are unconsciously stumbling through life and resisting “what is” the form of our development will probably be mostly suffering. You will suffer on and off in a cycle that seems random until you step back from the entanglement of form and simply trust that the universe has chosen this precise moment for you.

When Christians say trust in god’s plan they are actually offering profound advice (though they may not know it) . Trust the universe to provide for you everything that you need and do not judge or quantify the gifts you receive. Accept them and say thank you and know in your deepest being that the moment you experience is the moment you need.


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