Mind-full or Mind-less


We need to exchange the meaning of these two words.

Mindful – attentive, aware, or careful (usually followed by of):mindful of one’s responsibilities.

Mindless – without intelligence; senseless; a mindless creature.

Think of the phrase “mindless violence” when a person takes out their inner torment on those around them in an extreme way we call it by this name. However if that person were truly without mind or that is to say without thought they would not have been in such a state of suffering and unconsciousness that they would seek to bring that suffering to others. If the sufferer, the shooter or the bomber were for one moment mind-less they would see that their suffering was created by their own thoughts, their story and it had been feeding itself constantly with more thoughts until the mind was so full that there was no room for consciousness, or even reason.

The dictionary definition of mindless implies that it is the mental construct of order and properness that keeps people from acting crazy or going mad but I believe that the opposite is true. In fact our society has almost everything backwards.

Be mind-less, allow yourself to take a break from thinking and you will find that you are experiencing the world through your senses and that the ultimate intelligence of creation is flowing through you, the mindless creature.

Art by Jarid Champagne The Dissolution of Time



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