Beltane and the Maiden

I feel the maiden’s presence very strongly today. After my second cup of coffee, you know when I was actually awake I gradually began to feel it. Of course the birds are singing, the flowers are blooming and the bees are buzzing but it’s not just those things, or perhaps it’s all of them together at once that creates this feeling that there’s something in the air, something magical.

Lilacs are synonymous with spring  in Alberta and their scent brings me instantly to a place of peace and harmony. Lilacs mean love, they mean summer is about to arrive and they mean that the maiden is so close you could touch her.

I walked up to a lilac tree today to smell the blossoms as I have done many times since the bloom began but this time was a little different.

I was standing in a field near my house that is ringed by trees, just looking at my feet in the grass, idling on a hot spring day when a wind came and began to rustle the leaves. The sound of wind and trees is one of my favourite things in life and I love to watch the leaves dancing to that music so I looked up and my gaze fell on one tree in particular, a lilac. As I looked at it I felt transfixed, drawn to it, the wind blew more fiercely as if urging me on.

I walked toward this beauty of a tree and placed my hand on it’s bark. In that instant I could feel the connection of me to the tree and the tree to every single thing in the universe. When the wind died I took my hand off the bark and began really looking at this tree, her blossoms in beautiful white clusters and each flower with it’s five perfect petals like the points in a pentagram. I moved slightly to inspect a broken branch and one of the flower clusters caught my hair, but it was gentle almost like the touch of a close friend or a sister wanting to do a french braid to pass the time. I tugged on the branch gently to free my hair and a tiny snow of white petals fell just for me.

This moment seemed so truly human, so real that I looked at her again but this time I looked beyond what my eyes could see and that’s when I saw her. The Maiden. She was petite with a sweet round face, rosy cheeks and flaxen hair. She smiled at me and I smiled back. She wore a dainty floral crown and she had braids in her hair.

There’s a very strong connection between young women at a certain time in their lives, a sisterhood that forms out of a mutual awe and wonder at the incredible beauty and infinite possibilities of the world. That best friend love, of sun tanning and whispered secrets, of trust and discovery. That is what I felt when I saw her. I think that’s what she embodies for me. Things that are mixing and changing but remaining radiant all the time. Power mixed with meekness, fear mixed with excitement.

She taught me something today that I can’t quite word right but I feel it and I am so very grateful for her visit.

Blessed be.


2 thoughts on “Beltane and the Maiden

  1. Hypnotizing and the perfect embodiment of what I feel every time I think of Her.

    My first encounter with her was during a walk along the river path near my house with my dogs. I found a tree with it’s little grove of fledglings and indent where you can climb up, limbs outstretched to help you. I sat at the trunk intent on reading a book for a while and closed my eyes, my dogs sitting guard on either side of me, sniffing the breeze. I listened. I smelled apple blossoms… I heard her sweet humming voice. and I felt her head resting on my shoulder as she carefully but idly made a daisy chain head piece for me to wear. Her summer sweet smile and soft but knowing eyes. I could swear she was all elements and moon sun and stars combined. She kissed my cheek and when I opened my eyes, a butterfly rested on my page. It took off after a few moments but I will never forget the encounter.

    When the Lady comes to you, even just to remind you to breathe, your mind remembers every detail.
    ~The Raven in the Hawthorne Tree.

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