You make plans…

You make plans and god laughs. Now I don’t believe in god in the traditional sense of a bearded, judgemental father figure who lives in the sky. However I do leave room in my somewhat jaded world view for magic, fate, something beyond coincidence.

I suppose the universe is probably too omnipotent and perfect to actually laugh at my plans. That would just be downright mean but it did pluck the tiny hot wheels car of my life from the orange plastic track and place it somewhere totally unexpected, like on top of the fridge.

In other words, it has transformed me into a person who writes like it’s a career. Fake it till you make it right?

I won’t say that this sudden loss of day job has turned me into a writer because I feel like that happened when I set down my first serious journal entry and it was serious. That childhood should be a book and maybe someday it will be.

I guess my point is that whatever path you’re on, is the right one. If you or some external force changes that path then the new path is still the right one like -Jon Kabat-Zinn said “Where ever you go, there you are.” Everything beautiful and terrible that has ever happened to you brought you to this moment. Know that all the bullshit you’ve ever endured wasn’t for nothing.

It was for now.


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