Magic in the Mundane

Image courtesy of Simply Breakfast.

Image courtesy of Simply Breakfast.

You wake up in the morning, maybe take a shower, make come coffee, eat a bagel and start your day. This sounds incredibly ordinary doesn’t it? The fact is that you open your eyes and you can see everything around you. What a gift.

You probably flip a switch and a light comes on, pretty amazing right? You head to the bathroom and turn on the tap. You’re so grateful for the hot clean water that comes rushing out. You take a deep breath, your eyes find the glittering beads of water that cling to the shower curtain. You are alive and that’s just fricken great. Now you set an intention for this shower and for your day. With this water, the greatest solvent on earth I cleanse myself of worry and self defeating thoughts. I wash away any sticky negative feelings and embrace presence.

Now you are empowered, you feel the live wire of universal energy in your body. It’s time for breakfast. You turn on the coffee pot and it’s making funny sounds, smile at them. This is where you are going to take the energy that you found in your ritual shower and use it to turn your morning beverage into the elixir of life. Direct your attention to your hands, don’t look at them, in fact close your eyes. Feel them, their power. Bring your palms close together and feel the energy compressing, it’s becoming concentrated. Place your palms next to either side of your coffee and open your energetic channel. Breath deep and feel gratitude, love, reverence, not for coffee but for life.

Say grace. If you’re a Christian by all means thank God, if you’re a Muslim thank Allāh or simply thank the wheat that grew so plentifully, thank the cows who gave the milk for your cream cheese and thank the hard working folks who put these ingredients together for you. I guarantee that will be the best damn bagel and cup of coffee you have ever had.

There are many more ways you can build on this framework to deepen it’s spiritual meaning of course, meditation, prayer, evocation of deities whatever floats your metaphysical boat. Stay tuned, next time we talk about making magical soup for sickies.


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