The Power of Reality

I’m sitting in my backyard soaking up the sun. The wind blows through the pines and tickles a neighbours wind chimes. The birds are chirping out an ode to spring with conviction. In this moment magic exists.

Those of us who hug trees and chat with the moon are occasionally met with the criticism that “It’s all in your head.” and in fact these critics are almost right.

If you are living through your mind (that is to say your ego) then you will not be able to hear or see or feel the magic which surrounds you.

I could walk into my backyard as a marionette suspended by my ego and my ego would see the bottles that have yet to be recycled, it would hear the jet flying overhead and it would feel a chill in the breeze. It would react to these things with emotional responses, pulling the strings for worry, fear, dissatisfaction, frustration, and the magic of that moment would be invisible to me.I am all in my head.

When you are ruled by your mind you are existing in an alternate reality. This is how a thin person is able to look into a mirror and see that they are fat. The ego mind can create a very convincing alternate reality which it plays in front of your minds eye preventing you from experiencing the truly magic universe that you inhabit.

True presence is an experience that cannot be accurately described because no two moments are the same. Even if two people are in the same place at the same time they each experience it differently.

Each moment is a gift, a unique work of art, and then it is gone, never to be duplicated. But do not despair for it will be immediately replaced by another equally stunning moment, and so life flows on in this way forever.

You can exist in this reality, without thought. The awesome beauty of the present moment crashing down on you. You are so tiny in the infinite scope of the universe and yet, you are divine.


You are one with infinity

That is power.

That is magic

That is reality


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