7c68c051391cc08d14ffb61ba10c49d8The Oak King strides through the cold woods towards his brother.  The snow melts and gives way to green grass at his touch and a warm glow radiates from his body, evocative of summer sun.

Across the glen The Holly King waits upon this throne of ice and evergreen. His beard has grown long so it sits in his lap, coated with snow. His breath is frost and it comes slowly now rattling in his throat.

His massive sword of ice glints dangerously in the sun as it emerges from the clouds. He grips its hilt as a crutch and stands. The Holly King rules the season of death and darkness. He knows that this is his day of reckoning and though his strength is fading he will fight his brother with all the ferocity he can muster.

A golden light is seen glinting through the trees. A warm wind melts the snow in The Holly Kings beard. He takes a fighting stance. The Oak King is closing in. Ironwood longsword and dirk hang from his belt. He unsheathe’s his sword and prepares to slay his brother.

The battle is fierce and the woods quake as the two opposing powers clash

… then silence.

A red stain spreads on the virgin snow and The Holly King’s spirit leaves his body in the form of a wind that’s colder than ice and a dark night falls upon the land. A silence pervades everything, the silence of death and this night is the longest of the year.

The Oak King now takes up his brothers sword and begins to cut the holly that grows so thick in this glen. With these branches he builds a pyre around the throne of winter. He carries his brothers body to the pyre and lights it with the suns fire. The icy throne melts and the flames grow, crackling loudly. A feast is held to honour the death of one king and to welcome the rule of another.

“The days will grow longer now and the sun will grow warmer everyday until my dying day. This I swear.” Proclaimed The Oak King.


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