A Crown of Petals

Since the festival of bread is fast approaching I want to use this moment to share with you my love of flower crowns, a symbol of spring and midsummer. This is me on my 11th birthday. That’s my Guido to my right, he was a real bushman. Oh and what’s that on my head? A hand made daisy crown of course. My Baba walked through the more wild parts of her large, rural northern Ontario property, gracefully plucking the most beautiful daisies and then she hand braided them into the best birthday gift ever.

11th bday flower crown

She didn’t use wire, or tape, or fake flowers. She only used what nature had provided. I do not know how to make that crown, but it did inspire me to make this one.
flower crown photoshopWho doesn’t like to work at the beach?

I need to tip my flower crown to Flora goddess of spring and flowers. After one of her nymphs dies, Flora calls upon the gods to change her into a beautiful flower. Apollo gives her life; Bacchus gives her nectar; Vertumnus, a beautiful perfume; Pomona, a fruit; and Flora, a “crown” of petals. 

The Sabines (later taken over my Rome) associated Flora with causing the wheat and other edible plants to bloom and therefore providing a bountiful harvest. So she fits very snugly into this story about flowers told just before Lammas.

The crown in this post as well as many more original creations are for sale at my market stall. A shout out to the beautiful girl who snapped up the pink cherry blossom number last week.

Love & Light & Flower Crowns

So Mote It Be.


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