A Light in the Dark

WP_000721 Step inside, take a seat, breath.

You are here. Touch the cards and feel the energy of ancient wisdom. That which is hidden shall be revealed & you will be empowered. The cards will shine a light into your shadows as the moon illuminates the dark of night.

I have a gift. I was only a teenager when I realized that I was doing more than flipping cards and reciting their meanings from memory. I was afraid. I knew things I couldn’t possibly know. I had discovered my psychc ability.

I decided to initiate myself into something people call witchcraft. I made a pact with the ether under the full moon that I would study everyday for a year and a day. I devoured every book on paganism and magic I could get my hands on. I threw myself into this with all the enthusiasm of youth. My grades may have dipped but I did a three card spread everyday. I’m sure many of you remember that being a teenager sure seems hard at the time and my adolescent years were no picnic, so I sought the woods.

In my hometown of Calgary, Alberta I was never more than fifteen minutes from the hidden places in fishcreek park. I dubbed one of the gnarled old poplars there Mother Tree. I sat beneath her matronly branches and poured my heart out. I told her all of the things that I was far too petrified to tell my own mother (wonderful soul that she is.)I didn’t want her to see my vulnerability, but I could tell the trees. Why not? Who were they going to tell? And besides they always seemed to understand. The whisper of the wind through the branches was a reassuring word and a pat on the back.

Eventually I grew up and now here I am. I read tarot cards for a living because I love it.  And because I want to offer the same reassurance to you that I received in the form of psithurism.


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